Message to Garcia

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My book report is on “A Message To Garcia”. The book is written by Elbert Hubbard in 1899. The story takes place in Cuba and is about a man who stopped at nothing to accomplish the task that was given at hand to him. Other books that were written by Elbert Hubbard are Forbes of Harvard (1894), No enemy but himself (1894), Little Journeys to the Homes of Good Men and Great (1895-1910) and many others.

The set of the book takes place during a conflict between the Spanish and the Americans in Cuba. The story talks main point of the story is about an Army Lieutenant by the name of Andrew Rowand and General Garcia who was a Commander Located in Cuba. A message was needed to be delivered to General Garcia to assemble his troops. The President and other Commanding Generals were unsure how the message would be delivered to Garcia, but then Lt Rowand was brought up and he became the man for the job and did so without asking questions, not even to ask where to find General Garcia. Lt Rowand took the letter and put it into a pouch and strapped it on and in four days he landed on the coast of Cuba. And in three weeks he traveled through the jungles of Cuba and ended up on the other side of the Island, and withoubt a doubt, Lt Rowand delivered the Message to General Garcia.

Overall, I believe that “A Message To Garcia” is a pretty good book. I believe that it is a good book for all Marines to read, especially the junior Marines such as myself. The biggest thing that I can take away from the story was just simply doing as I’m told without questioning it. Well, to a certain extent. When it is a real job to get done no matter how difficult it is going to be, to just do the job until the job is done.
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