Mesopotamia vs Egypt

Topics: Deity, Isis, Monotheism Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: November 25, 2010
Mesopotamia vs. Egypt
A civilization is a society in advanced state of social development. Mesopotamia and Egypt are some of the oldest civilizations on history. One of the most important steps taken for a civilization to occur was the agricultural revolution. This was when man stopped being nomadic and begun to settle down permanently or for long periods of time in one specific area and began living off the lands and raising animals, this as we know is known as the agricultural revolution. Other steps that helped towards the occurrence of civilizations were suitable geographical locations. They needed a reliable water and food source and sometimes good areas for defense or they built their own.

The geographical location of both Mesopotamia and Egypt were very important to its success. Both Egypt and Mesopotamia were both located around a river. Not only that both their fertile land was caused because of the rivers, but the difference is that Mesopotamia was located in an area of land between two rivers which caused the land between the rivers to become fertile where as Egypt was located around a river and because of its seasonal flooding fertile soil was dumped onto the backs of the river; perfect for planting crops. The big difference between Mesopotamia and Egypt was that Egypt had excellent natural defense because of its sea to the north, deserts to the east and west, and rapid and mountains to the south. Whereas Mesopotamia had flat land all around the resulting in no natural defense what so ever.

Egypt and Mesopotamia both had similar religions. Both societies believe in many gods for example the sun god, river god, fire god and so on. So both civilizations were polytheistic. In the case of Egypt, there were supreme gods such as the sun god Ra, Amon, and Osiris. Each male god had a female goddess consort. Osiris, the god of the dead and of fertility, was married to Isis, the goddess of magic and love. They had a son, named Horus. The Mesopotamian...
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