Mesopotamia and Egypt

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  • Published : March 18, 2012
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From the past to present day, geography has exceedingly affected human development. Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt are just two of many civilizations which confirm such a statement. Both societies developed approximately 5,000 years ago around 3,000 BC in the Middle East and in North Africa. Geography was a friend on the development of Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt.

Geography had a beneficial effect on Mesopotamia and the country’s development. The Tigris and the Euphrates Rivers served as a vital part of the Mesopotamian clan. The rivers were used as a method of bringing freshwater to the farms, a system also referred to as irrigation. Another practical use of rivers was for traveling and trading purposes. A rich soil known as silt was often left behind. With the help of this thick bed of mud, farmers were able to plant and harvest large quantities of wheat and barley. This allowed the population to enlarge and evolve, creating villages, governments, laws, etc. Evidently, geography has affected Mesopotamia in a positive manner.

Ancient Egypt’s geography was no less advantageous in their development. The largest river in the world, the Nile was very useful to its’ surrounding people and their progress. Water was necessary in maintaining well grown crops, so irrigation was also commonly used in Egypt. Just as in Mesopotamia, silt was also one of the key elements in growing adequate crops. Travel and the ability to trade with other countries resulted in the rise of power and wealth. Clearly, the Nile River was very efficient and effective in the Egyptian development.

Travel, trade, food supply; these are just a few pieces of evidence which support the fact that geography is a friend to the societies of Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia . Geographic features such as rivers can affect a great deal in a civilization. Geography does not only effect the surrounding people’s lives but also the overall prosperity of the country itself. In the cases...
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