Mesoamerican Society: Ancient to Post Classical

Topics: Agriculture, Science, Mesoamerica Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: October 30, 2010
DBQ The Mesoamerican society during the Ancient through the Post-Classical Periods was primarily developed by three technological and intellectual accomplishments starting with their well prepared war strategies. The development of agriculture was an outstanding innovation. And finally they made great strides in the field of science. A note before beginning, it must be acknowledged that all of the documents provided only gave the view of somebody that watched the common workers do their jobs or was told about the common workers habits, this left no information from the lower class that actually worked first hand. Back to business, the Mesoamericans were very well prepared in their war strategies by teaching the village boys fighting techniques and how to create the bows and arrows, and the construction of the body armor (doc. 3, 4). The art of hunting was engraved into their minds by teaching them the “how-to’s” of battle; shooting a blowgun, hurling stones, spears, and darts, and using a weapon called a spear thrower. They train their future warriors at a young age in order to obtain the upmost perfection when the time of battle calls. One of the most important intellectual and technological accomplishments that helped shape Mesoamerica would be the development of chinampas or artificial floating agricultural islands. These were man made islands that connected to the mainland. Like stated earlier, they started to teach the young boys how to farm and cultivate the land, too. This helped the Indians harvest multiple crops at the same time, creating a never ending cycle of cultivation. The improvement of food gave the development of Tupperware time to be invented. Agriculture was an innovation that gave an opening to Pre-Columbian “Tupperware” and cooking tools and silverware. This type of intellectual thinking would give way for even more technological breakthrough. First, they used a plant as plates and dishes (even clothing and housing), then they...
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