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SAR Equipment
Field Team Member Equipment List
Clothing – winter exercises
* Waterproof (windproof) jacket
* Waterproof (windproof) pants (these don’t have to be expensive, just functional) * Wool or synthetic shirts or sweaters.
* Wool or synthetic pants, or BDU’s with appropriate thermal underwear. NO JEANS. * Long underwear made of wool, silk, or other synthetic material – Cotton thermal underwear is not acceptable. * Gloves for cold weather with either leather palms, or a leather outer glove layer. * Stocking Cap or Balaclava

* Boots with a good lug sole recommended.
* Wool or synthetic socks with a good nylon liner.
Clothing – summer exercises
* Waterproof (windproof) jacket and pants.
* Long pants – preferably rip stop material. NO SHORTS * Lightweight shirt – preferably of breathable material. * Hat
* Gloves with minimum of a leather palm.
* Boots with a good lug sole recommended.
* Socks with a good nylon liner.
Gear essentials:
* Backpack large enough for daypack use
* One quart minimum canteen or water bottle
* One day supply of quick energy food
* Whistle
* Compass (Silva or Brunton preferred)
* Headlamp with a set of spare batteries and bulb.
* One other alternate source of light with spare batteries & bulb * Personal First Aid Kit
* At least one 30-gallon leaf bag
* Waterproof matches or disposable lighter
* Storm Shelter (can be items already in pack such as garbage bag)

Navigational tools kit
* Map Case / 1gl Zip-Lock bag
* Compass
* Pace Beads
* Grid Tool
* Protractor
* 6” Ruler (Clear Acrylic)
* Pencil & Eraser
* Colored Pencils (blue / red / green)
* Highlighter (chisel point)

Additional personal items (optional)
* Handheld radio
* Toilet paper
* Zip-lock bags
* Moleskin
* Gaitors
* Sunscreen
* Signal mirror
* Parachute cord
* Small notebook & pen...
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