Meriwether Lewis Speech

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Meriwether Lewis Speech

By | May 2013
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We exist in a world where there are many heroes and heroines, were people showcase their courage, bravery, skill, and curiosity, where many aren’t afraid to take a leap outside of their boundaries. These are the people that we remember, they leave legacies, and they make an impression in our world. I happen to be one of those people who took a chance; for that is why I’ve become one of the most remembered people in all of American history. Hello, my name is Meriwether Lewis. Most people probably already know that I was a co-leader in the Corps of Discovery, but many do not know my entire life story. For that reason I’ll start where it all began. I was born on a warm summer day in August of 1774 in the small county of Albemarle. I was born and grew up in the community of Ivy, Virginia along with my sisters Jane and Lucinda and my step-siblings Rueben, John Jr., and Mary Garland. I am the son of Lt. William Lewis and Lucy Meriwether. I never had the privilege to spend much time with my father as a child. My father died of pneumonia in 1779. A year later my mother married Captain John Marks, and we all moved to Georgia in May of 1780. While I lived in Goosepond, Georgia, I enhanced my skills as a hunter and naturalist. I had a large dose of curiosity as a child and still do today. I still remember that chilled January night when I ventured out of the house to hunt. A mile into my walk, a blizzard struck with tremendous force. When the storm finally halted, I realized how completely lost I was. My parents found me that morning. I had never seen them so furious in all my life. Even though I stopped hunting at night, I was still quite fascinated with natural history; little did I know that this minute interest would develop into a lifelong passion. When I turned thirteen, I was sent back to Virginia for an education by numerous private tutors. My Uncle Nicholas became my new guardian. Many years later, in 1793, I graduated from the college of Liberty Hall. In...

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