Merits and Demerits of Internet

Topics: Wedding, English-language films, Curse Pages: 3 (871 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Katarzyna Majak claims she was supposed to get married in a cursed wedding dress. As such, her wedding obviously could not have taken place. It should come as no surprise that the bride, instead of at the altar, ended up in an art gallery. One could easily say: ‘no great loss but…’ If ‘art makes dreams come true’ why not change a curse into a blessing by means of art?

In the background of the story one could hear pieces from Maryla Rodowicz’s lyrics: ‘we already signed up in the registry office…’ Everybody knows ho w this love story ends. In Katarzyna Majak’s case the ‘marriage project’ transforms into an art project, evolving and expanding from Skarysze wski Park in Warsa w, through Mumbai in India, to Black River Falls in Wisconsin.

What is the starting point of all the events? It is life itself, obviously. ‘This is not literary fiction’ Majak claims, retelling the story of her wedding that never happened and of the bride left alone in the dress. The Dress became the culprit, and was blamed for all the misfortune. The dress was not ne w, it had a previous o wner and its o wn dim story. Majak received it as a gift ‘for luck’ but weddings are delicate rites of passage – with one mistake all may go wrong and all the happiness be gone. The church wants to make it a religious sacrament but it is for nothing. Bronis a w Malinowski reminds us that when it comes to a widespread emotional clash of hope and fear we are dealing with magic. That is why weddings are more about magic than religion – and it is hard to remove from them their obscure magical nature. We have to deal with all kinds of talismans, amulets, complex systems of gestures and incantation, taming secret po wers, on which the future and prosperity depend. Wedding bouquets may consist of any flo wers but roses. One needs to wear something new, something old, something blue, but not pink. It is hard to imagine what might happen if the groom sees the bride wearing the dress before the ceremony. The dress...
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