Merits and Demerits of Computer

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  • Published : July 18, 2013
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Merits and Demerits of computer

Computer is the revolutionary invention of modern science.This is the age of computer.Computer has become an integral part of our life.We can not imagine our present life without computer.Everything in our life is connected with it.As everything has its good or bad sides,computer is not an exception.So,it has some merits and demerits too.

1.Computer is now essential in office,institutions,bank,rail,shops,bussiness,indrustry etc.we are helpless without it. 2.Computer has made our life easier.It help us to do many hard work quickly that we cant do manually and save our time. is the heart of science and technology.scientists do their research in every subject and even send spacecraft to another planet with the help of computer. 4.It has much more computing and calculating power than a human being. 5.It helps to communicate people across the globe over internet. 6.we can access to any information through internet.It is helpful to our study and enlarges our knowledge. 7.Computer is also entertaining.We can watch movie,play games,listen music or do animation on computer.

DEMERITS: destroys our social life.
2.It affects our eyesight due to radiation.
3.Too much time in front of computer distracts our mind and disturbs our study. 4.Many contents on website are very harmful for children and teenagers.

So,computer has both merits and demerits.If We use merits of it and avoid its demerits computer must be part and parcel of our life. by
Pradip Pati
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