Mergers and Acquisitions and Career Choice

Topics: Mergers and acquisitions, Accountant, Member of Parliament Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: November 20, 2010
Question2 - What clubs and societies are you a member of and in what capacity?

I am not a member of any clubs and societies now. But in the past, I have participated many clubs and societies as listed in my resume.

Question3 - What factors have influenced your career choice?

The most significant factors which influenced my career choice are the degree of development of that industry at present and in future. After passing the financial tsunami, the economy of surroundings starts growing up again. The commercial activities of mergers and acquisitions hence occurred frequently. The relating industries such as accounting can be benefited. There are many businesses and enterprises require lots of professionals in accounting aspect to handle business activities such as consolidation of several businesses or companies of an enterprise. That’s why I have decided to enter into the accounting industry.

Question4 - Outline your career ambitions and objectives

My objectives are so clear in the accounting industry, to be the professional accountant as soon as possible.

Question5 - At KPMG our global values guide the way that we interact with each other and help to create our open, friendly and supportive culture. Please tell us about a situation where you have used two of KPMG's values to achieve a positive outcome.

When I studied at secondary school, I was a Chairperson of Environmental Protection Club. To be the leader of the club, I need to communicate and interact with members to discuss the issues of events that to be held. It is essential attitude I must have as it ensures the events can be held and operated smoothly and to reduce misunderstandings as much as we can. After collecting all opinion and suggestions of events from members, I integrated useful and valuable factors and apply them all to the events. To be the chairman of the club, as well as coordinator, I have to manage all staff and things relating to the club. And to ensure the...
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