Merger Memo

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Merger Memo
January 24, 2011
To: A. Smith, B. Jones, C Wilson
From: K. Jackson
RE: Merger update and instructions

This memo is sent to the three of you to give you an update as to the merger recently announced. You three are the frontline managers working with me during this challenging time, and in order for us to succeed, we need to begin this process with a clear understanding of where we are, what we want to do, and how we will proceed in the coming weeks. This merger is not an individual venture; it will take the combined efforts of us as a team to ensure that things go smoothly. Being that the merger has been announced and is proceeding as outlined, the time for discussion and debate about whether or not this is a good idea has passed. Before any of us face the staff, we need to make sure that each of us is aware of the need to positively address and answer any questions and comments. Whether or not we personally like the idea of the merger, part of the responsibility of being managers and leaders in the company is that we represent the executive leadership and carry out their directives to the best of our ability. While most people initially view any change with a sense of uneasiness, they also tend to adopt the attitudes of those around them, meaning, therefore, that our personal conduct becomes immensely important. The way in which we speak about the merger will have an enormous impact on how those we work with view the changes. We are in the beginning stages of this process, and as the weeks go by this will continue to be a challenge that we must meet. My suggestion is that we take the lead in these types of conversations by proactively focusing on the many positive aspects of this merger. The company is taking a positive step toward growth and expansion, the future has never looked better. For some this will mean the opportunity to try new things within the company as there will most certainly be new opportunities as the...
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