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Growing up in America while having parents from Bangladesh was always challenging. My sister and I were raised learning about Bengali customs and culture while also learning about the American customs and traditions in school. Life in Bangladesh is distinctly different; young girls are taught from an unusually young age that their purpose in the world is getting married and tending to her husband's needs all her life. Thus, growing up to old fashioned Bengali parents, my sister and I learned skills such as cooking and cleaning that my mom believed were necessary to know. However, being a citizen of America I became exposed to woman's rights, and the opportunities women in America were fortunate to have. In Bangladesh, young women are always second in line when it comes to opportunities such as education. Over the years, however, women in Bangladesh learned to exercise their rights and fight for equality. In America, we are taught that a woman obtains the same number of opportunities as a man anywhere, most importantly education wise. In America just like many other countries, women have continually fought for equality, whether it was simply to vote in an election, or to play in an all males sports team. I believe years of relentless fighting for woman's rights have paid off, and an Universtiy such as Meredith exemplifies just how far the world has come to accepting woman's rights. Universities such as Meredith can help a woman focus more, which can in turn help her future. That is what America is known for; everyone obtains equal opportunities to get an education and become successful if they work hard to do so. America has come abundantly far in equality for all, but there still remains strong competitions in the workplace between male and female workers. In recent news, it can be seen that discrimination against females still takes place in the workplace. I believe women should never doubt themselves when it comes to professional circumstances, which is why...
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