Mercy Killing

Topics: Death, Euthanasia, Law Pages: 2 (585 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Mercy killing –Euthanasia is the act of killing somebody painlessly especially he/she suffering from an incurable disease. This act can be either active or passive. Passive euthanasia if it allows a person to die painlessly by withdrawing life supporting means it also can be passive in case that patient does not get the medicine or treatment that they need in order to stay alive. Active euthanasia when a doctor or a nurse gives a sick patient medicine that will kill them slowly. But many people are against euthanasia, they believe that euthanasia is illegal. Many religions refuse the idea of mercy killing because they think that is contrary to will of God. Euthanasia is a controversial issue as many people believe that it measure ones morals. . For example it can be viewed as a sort of suicide or a form of being merciful. There are different types of active euthanasia, for instance in some conditions life supporting machines are turned off and let the patients die. Sometimes doctors decided not to give patients food any more or to give him a drug which will lead to death after short time. Some think that doctors do not have the right to kill their patients, as they could use some medicines or treatments to reduce pain like pain-relieving. Patient has to realize that if he decided to die, he must be well prepared to meet God. A lot of patients who suffer from incurable disease and do not have a possibility to recover, on the other hand the laws do not allow doctors to end their lives. From others’ point of view, the governments should legalize euthanasia for a number of reasons. First euthanasia helps the patients relieve their pain, suffering, and depression. For instance, the patients who suffer terrible disease must be trapped in hospital with miserable pain each day. Most of them do not want to endure it, but instead, they wish to get rid of it. In addition they have right to take their own personal decisions, this is one of many reasons why euthanasia should...
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