Mercy Hospital

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Hospitals are places of illness, suffering, and disease. They can also be places of compassion, loving, caring, and healing. A patient can go to different hospitals and they will receive the same treatment, but at some hospitals, patients feel better emotionally and physically after a stay, while some they feel worse emotionally and physically. This also holds true for different units at the same hospital. This is due to several factors, the main one being that some hospitals focus on mainly treating the disease, while others are healing hospitals that focus on not just the disease but the overall wellbeing of the patient. So what is it that really differentiates a hospital from a healing hospital? Mercy Gilbert Medical Center embraces some concepts that make them a healing hospital. The most important concept is that top level administrators and managers have to develop a strong sense of culture of compassionate care. This is important because health care is one of the most demanding fields of work. Nurse burnout is a common phenomenon, and if the nurse does not even want to come to work then how can they provide the best level of care for their patients. That is why this first concept is the most important. When you provide a positive and compassionate environment it not only helps healthcare workers, but also the patients. A study on creating a healing environment found that the nurse manager’s responsibility is to understand how different environmental designs can reduce patient and staff anxiety and stress (Chapman 1990.) The author also points out the importance of “[Doing] everything you can think of to take better care of your employees so that your employees in turn will take better care of patients” The administrators and managers also remind the workers of their roots or why they went into the field of healthcare in the first place. When the workers enjoy going to work, and helping their patients to the best of their abilities day after day, then you...
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