Mercutio's Death in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet

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Name: Michael Cordova

Section #: 11

Date: 5/12/2013

Romeo and Juliet

LC 7.09 – Unit Test Part 2

Attention: Read each question carefully.

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Why is Mercutio’s death such an important moment in the play? What is it about his character that makes his death so impactful to you as the reader. To answer, think about Mercutio’s words and actions before his death, as well as what happens afterward. Please use and cite at least one(1) quote from the play to support your answer. Answer should be at least one(1) paragraph.

His death is so important in the play because he is a friend of both Montuagle and capulat. He is a very bright jolly character who always brings comedy into the play he makes the play more colorful. The play becomes jolly to tragatedy. When Mercutio diies the comedy stops right then and there! He would always makes simple jokes even when he was on the verge of dieing he would bring the light into the play with happiness “ay a scratch scratch” making people think that he had an itch. His death was so impactful to me as a reader because after he died the play wasnt a s humerous as it was when he was alive he would take the worst situation and bring it into humor.

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What role do Friar Laurence and the Nurse have in the events of the play? Do you feel that they are responsible for ultimately helping or hurting Romeo and Juliet? Please use and cite at least one(1) quote from the play. Answer should be at least one(1) paragraph. There role was to cause all the issues and problems in Romeo and Juliet. The nurse would always have views of who Juliet should be with in Paris but every time she imagines it with some one else instead of Romero. I feel that they are responsible because Friar Laurence would secretly marry the two of them behin every ones back as he poromises as the nurse was sercert about the affairs and keeps the secret and does not...
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