Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare, Class Production Analysis

Topics: The Merchant of Venice, Shylock, Performance Pages: 2 (836 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare, class production analysis.

In Venice at the time, Jews were treated really badly, they were only aloud to have one job, and that was a moneylender because for Christians this was seen as sinful. Jews had to live in a place called a ghetto, which was locked up at night, and whenever Jews came out into Christian Venice, they had to wear a red hat to show that they were a Jew. Christians used to spit at them, throw abuse at them and the Jews could do nothing about it because that show it was and in this story, a Jewish money lender called shylock, is being robbed of his customers by Christian called Antonio, who is lending money out to people for free and is charging no interest, so shylock decides he has had enough of Christians. In our class production analysis, we tried to perform to the audience the merchant of Venice, in our own abbreviated version, we tended to stick to using the really important scenes more than the less important ones to get the message of the play across as quick and as enjoyable as possible, because they are only meant to be short plays, of course we had to be very weary of cutting out important parts and then getting further on into the play and a character then relate to something that was skipped out. If that happened the audience, for those who have not seen the play or read it before, would be left really confused, and therefore make it less enjoyable. In actual fact we did that quite well, we did not really have anything like that, it all mostly ran pretty smoothly, apart from amateur hiccups like forgetting lines, which in a small class play like this was inevitable. The casting was done quite well and the people used for them could portray that characters personality quite well, for example Luke playing shylock, especially in the court scene where Luke makes his own interpretation of shylock, being sly and wicked but bold, and eagerly seeking revenge from Antonio for taking his customers. And...
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