Merchant of Venice - Karma

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  • Published : June 4, 2012
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Karma is the cosmic principle according to which each person is rewarded or punished according to that person’s deed. I believe we all have karma in ourselves. That our unconscious leads us to do good, but that sometimes we choose not to listen and do wrong. I think that in world full of hate, malice, jealousy and unfairness, it is reassuring to believe in some kind of an outer force who can just be fair. A force that can reward you or put you back in place for what you’ve done. But sometimes it just doesn’t seem to exist, it doesn’t seem to work. Sometimes bad things happen to good people, sometimes we can’t explain it and sometimes they don’t deserve it. Since it is a familiar subject a lot of writers decide to incorporate karma, fate, destiny, in their stories, for example, William Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. Its message revolves around fairness and so karma since in the end Shylock does not deserve what he gets. First of all, Shylock is portrayed as the victim in the play; he is not mean. He has never done anything to hurt Antonio who is in fact the bad guy. Shylock is being persecuted by Antonio and his friends, because he is a Jew. Antonio had spit on Shylock, called him a misbeliever, a dog, had disgraced him, thwarted his bargains and more. While Shylock did nothing but take it without responding, in hope that one day he could have is revenge. I mean what would you do if you were in his shoes? The same thing. You would want revenge since you haven’t done anything to deserve it. So why can’t he. The one who deserves something bad is not Shylock but Antonio. Second of all, the bond. Antonio is the one who asked money to Shylock even thought he had done horrible things to him. Antonio was aware of the consequences of the bond and agreed to it. He knew that not bringing the money in time would cause him to die, so it is his problem if was not able to pay Shylock on time. He has to be a big boy and take responsibilities for his actions. In all of...
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