Merchant of Venice

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Reaction Paper of The Merchant of Venice

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Title Page 1
Chapter I – Introduction
Description 3
Summary/Synopsis 3
Thesis 5
Chapter II – Body
A. Plot
Details 6
Commentary 6
Reaction 7
B. Character
Details 7
Commentary 9
Reaction 9
Chapter III – Conclusion
Expert Analysis 11
Personal Level 11
Bibliography 12
Index 13
This chapter contains the description, summary or synopsis, and the thesis or analysis. Description
The film The Merchant of Venice is a romantic drama that was directed by Michael Radford and is based from the tragic comedy play written by William Shakespeare in the late 1500’s. It depicts the conflict between the Hebrews and the Modern world. The way of the interactions of the Jews and the Christians were also portrayed in the movie. There were four matters that were shown in the movie: romance, justice, mercy and racial discrimination. Summary/ Synopsis

A young Venetian, Bassanio, wanted to marry the rich and beautiful Portia from Belmont. With the help of his friend, Antonio, a generous rich merchant of Venice, Bassanio was able to have 3000 ducats that were needed to support his expenditures as a suitor of Portia. Antonio loaned the money from Shylock, a rich Jew moneylender, for Antonio’s money were still in his ship at the sea. Shylock agreed to lend the money to Antonio but with an interest that if Antonio is unable to pay within the due date, Shylock will be getting a pound of flesh nearest to the heart of Antonio. Bassanio didn’t want to agree with their contract because of it was a risky condition, but still, Antonio signed the contract. With his money, he left for Belmont with his other friend, Gratiano, a pleasant young man, but is often frivolous, too talkative and insensitive. So Bassanio warned him to have self-control.

On the other hand, in Belmont, Portia had many suitors. Her father left a will containing that each of the suitors must choose or pick the right casket among the three caskets (gold, silver, and lead) to win Portia’s hand. Her first suitor, the Prince of Morocco, chose the gold casket for he believes with the quotation: “Who chooseth me will get what many men desire”, but it wasn’t the right casket. The second suitor, the Prince of Arragon, picked the silver casket for he believed that “Who chooseth me will get what he deserves”. But again, it wasn’t the right casket. The two suitors were unsuccessful in choosing the right casket for they both believed that the casket that was made of lead was made of wicked material and has as unappealing aura. Portia’s third suitor, Bassanio, chose the casket that was made of lead which depicted the line “Who chooseth me must give and hazard all he hath”, with his decision, he won Portia’s hand.

Meanwhile in Venice, Antonio’s ships were stated to be lost in the sea. After Shylock knew the news, he was more determined to make a revenge to the Christians (he hated Anti-Judaism, Christians) for his daughter Jessica fled home and decamped with Lorenzo, a Christian, took a large amount of money from Shylock together with the turquoise ring which Shylock gave to Leah, his late wife.

While in Belmont, Bassanio received a letter containing that Antonio was unable to pay the loan that he took from Shylock. Bassanio married Portia, and also, Gratiano married Nerissa, the maid of Portia. After the ceremony, the two men left for Venice bringing the money from Portia to offer Shylock instead of getting a pound...
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