Merchant of Venice

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  • Published : April 8, 2013
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Mercy vs. Justice
Since everybody is different, their characteristics are different so the definition of mercy in their opinion is different. Since they are not the same, it is shown that some people do not show any mercy because they have no room for mercy or has very little while others give mercy to many a lot. To imagine such a world where mercy is not shown and just being caught by doing one sin would be the death penalty. In The Merchant of Venice, by William Shakespeare, Shakespeare reveals the idea of mercy through the different scenes in a exciting and interesting way for the readers to keep reading on. Mercy depends on the person and how their characteristic is and also how they are viewed by society that can change their characteristics, therefore changing how they would give their mercy.

The close friendship between Antonio and Bassanio is viewed the opposite of how all Christians view Shylock as a Jew and how they treat Shylock compared to Antonio and Bassanio. Since Venice is full of Christians, they are viewed totally opposite. Shylock who has been mocked, insulted and more is suffering from the despises that he gain from just being a Jew. He is only shown to be the antagonist of the story because of all the hatred he gains from Christians. Despite that he ahs done nothing wrong to these Christians, he is hated as if he has started a war between them, the hatred intensifies as he is despised, insulted, and mocked by the Christians surrounding them with disgust in their eyes. With the conflict between Christians and Jews still arising, the choices that are made in a daily life will always have an effect whether it may bring good or bad luck. Antonio is sad not because he has fallen in love or because all his merchandise are sailing away, but something that makes him sad. Bassanio always taking advantage of his generous and forgiving friend, would borrow money at any time when he wishes, is told to go borrow money fro anyone by using Antonio as...
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