Merchant Banking in India

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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PROJECT REPORT ON “MERCHANT BANKING” Under the Guidance of: Prof. Paul Chelladuai (MENTOR) Submitted to: MR. PAUL CHELLADURAI (MENTOR) Submitted by: VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA (PGPBM 2007-09) Roll No. : 3096 Submitted in Partial fulfillment of PGPBM Course to International School of Business & Media, Bangalore

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT First of all I would like to thank GOD without whose blessings and help I would not have been able to complete this project. I wish to express my gratitude to Mr. Paul Chelladurai who helped me to understand the concept of this project. I am also thankful to our librarian who provided me important inputs related to my project. I also thank my friends who provided me the help from their experience. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank from my heart deep to my college who gave me this opportunity to work on this project. VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA


DECLARATION I, VIKASH KUMAR SHARMA, hereby declare that this dissertation titled, ”MERCHANT BANKING” is my original work under the guidance of Mr. Paul Chelladurai towards partial fulfillment of the requirements for the PGPBM course of International School of Business & Media. This report has not been submitted earlier for the award of Degree/Diploma/Programme by any other University/B-school.

Date: 7th March 2009 Place: Bangalore

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Topic : Merchant Banking 2

Student Name Project Guide

: :

Vikash Kumar Sharma Mr. Paul Chelladurai

Mission of Project: - This report deals with the findings and recommendations regarding the Changing Trends of Merchant banking in the last decade or so and to know how my suggestions, if implemented can be more fruitful to the industry. Methodology: - The research methodology, which has been done for this project, consist of the following order. Data Collection: - The sources from which I have collected the data are as follows: Secondary Data: - Secondary Data was collected from the various sites of Internet, books, magazines, journals and so on.


The research started with understanding the concept of Merchant Banking and then knowing how the related companies make use of it to carry out their businesses in a more efficient manner and seek information through secondary data in order to make a knowledgeable report and getting to know the crux of the industry. In the process I faced a lot of queries regarding the subject. To overcome this problem my I did a deep study on the subject to big extent so that I can make a meaningful report. This research was carried down during my mandatory curriculum part of PGPBM to make a dissertation report and the area of research was whole industry of Merchant Banking. During the course of research, an attempt was made to study the pattern for Merchant Banking and know how the industry can move to next level. The conclusions drawn are based on the observations and facts collected from the various sources of secondary data. As a whole, my efforts were to give a consolidated picture for the study. I expect my work would at least act as a further scope to the industry. With this I whole-heartedly hand over my project hours to you.


Chapter s 1


Page No:




Scope of work



Methodology of research



Empirical study



Findings & Interpretation






Limitations of the research






• • • • History Modern Practices Services Private equity market

Scope of work
• • • • • • Use of private equity Forms taken by investments Commercial bank involvement Evolution Recent track record Factors responsible for changes

Methodology of research
• Management of debt/equity offering 6

• • • • •

Placement & Distribution Corporate advisory services Project advisory services Loan syndication Venture capital financing

Empirical study
• • • • • • • Banking & related finance...
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