Merchant Banking

Topics: Bank, Merchant bank, Financial market Pages: 56 (15765 words) Published: March 2, 2012

Although merchant banking activity was ushered in two decades ago, it was only in 1992 after the formation of Securities and Exchange Board of India that it is defined and a set of rules and regulations in place. Today a merchant banker is who has the ability to merchandise that is, create or expand a need and fulfill capital requirements.

I have given an overview about the financial markets and the role of merchant bankers in the growth of these markets. My project covers how the merchant banks works, rules & regulations laid by SEBI & its impact on the merchant banking activities. Their importance in the economy is expected to grow even further in the coming years with an increasing proportion of household savings getting invested in corporate & other securities. Hence, my project covers the challenges and advantages, which India will get and is getting by merchant banking activities. I have covered several services provided by Merchant Bankers & the role of Merchant bankers in providing those services to the business world. Finally, the top players, which exist in merchant banking, are also covered; their services are also been focused. To get the practical knowledge about merchant banking activities I have interviewed visited State bank of India, Kotak mahindra bank and SPA Merchant bankers ltd.


|SR.NO. |CONTENTS |PAGE NO. | |1. |Introduction |1 | |2. |History |2 | |3. |Definition |4 | |4. |Evolution & Emergence of Merchant Banking |5 | |5. |Merchant Banking in India | | |6. |Merchant banking past and present |7 | |7. |Need & Importance in India |8 | |8. |Role of Merchant Bankers |9 | |9. |Merchant Bankers Commission |11 | |10. |Commercial Banks & Merchant Baks |12 | |11. |Growth of Merchant Banks in India |13 | |12. |Problems of Merchant Bankers |14 | |13. |Current Scenario |15 | |14. |Merchant Banking Indian Scenario |16 | |15. |Merchant Banking International Scenario |17 | |16. |Merchant Banking Organisation |19 | |17. |Qualities of good Merchant Bankers...
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