Mep Consultant - Stantec Hvac Consultant 919825024651

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Mep Consultant - Stantec Hvac Consultant 919825024651

By | October 2010
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M/s Stantec HVAC consultants is Ahmedabad based HVAC Consultancy & MEP consultancy firm. With the experience of more than 23 years We at Stantec HVAC Consultants bind to give Smart optimum solutions to our clientele. We specialize in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning of buildings and engineering works including office buildings, shopping centers, banks, hotels, residences, computer rooms, clean rooms, laboratories, hospitals and clinics, educational facilities, nuclear power stations, factories and warehouses, Electrical Panel Room. :: THE PEOPLE::

M/s. Stantec HVAC consultants is Founded by Mr. Tejas Shah i, who is an experienced Mechanical Engineer with PDRA. Mr. Shah has acquired extensive experience in India. He is associated with Air Conditioning & Refrigeration field for over 22 years.

Mr. Shah is well versed with various statutory requirements of Government agencies, Indian Standards.FDA Smacna, electrical, BMS, etc.

M/s. Stantec HVAC consultant is staffed with well experienced Consultant, Draftsmen, Auto-Cad operators and supporting administrative staff.
Industry Topics
The cost of consulting engineering services: is it worth it? With consulting engineering cost (for a full normal service) adding typically 8% to a project cost, the question may well be asked if such additional cost can be justified. The following options are normally available if no consulting engineer is to be appointed:

Perform the engineering services through own (in-house) resources.

Omit the consulting engineering services (with no in-house capability) and approach the contracting/supplier industry directly for turnkey proposals, which includes design, supply, installation and commissioning.

In the case of the first option (using in-house resources), the cost of establishing and maintaining in-house engineering capabilities should be justified by the long term...

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