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Topics: Restaurant, Soup, Caesar salad Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: April 23, 2011
In the following paragraph will mention about the identification on the four appetizers’ advantages and disadvantages from both the customer and business operator’s point of view. The first appetizer is Tian of Alaskan crab and crispy rice cakes. As the Alaskan crab is an expansive ingredient, base on the value for money of the customer, the customer can use a lower price ($30) enjoy this appetizer. And it became the advantage from the customer’s perspective. According to this dish is one of the popular appetizers that customer prefer more, the demand is bigger than the supply. If any late arrive or order, the dish may be sold out already. From the business operator’s perspective, there are some disadvantages on the dish. There is a risk on using imported ingredient. The supply may not stable base on the flight delay or other causes. Moreover, the business operator needs to bear the higher food cost when using the expensive ingredient. However, using expensive ingredient (Alaskan crab) is one of the ways that attract customer to dining in the restaurant. The second appetizer is Caesar salad. According to the Caesar salad is a Gueridon Service, the customers can enjoy a show during the long fine dining. And the customer can adjust the quantity of the ingredient base on their personal habit. Limited by the resources (only 2 Gueridon provided in the restaurant), the customer need to wait for a long time when continuing order is given. It became the disadvantage from both the customer and business operator’s perspective. In addition, the business operator needs to provide training for the servers and higher wastage for selecting the best part of the ingredients for the dish. Although there is a high wastage, but the food cost is still lower than the other appetizers. Gueridon Service became one of the selling points of the Le Marquis fine dining and can attract more customers. The third appetizer is A Duet of Contrasting Soups. This appetizer included two types of...
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