Menu Analysis

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Menu Analysis
Food and Beverage Administration

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2.1Restaurant Background 3

2.2Justification for Menu Selection3


3.1What Makes an Effective Restaurant Menu?4

3.2SWOT Analysis for Charcoal Restaurant Menu4

3.3SWOT Analysis for the Padang’s Restaurant Menu 6

3.4Survey on Public’s Perception of the two menus7





APPENDIX ACharcoal’s Menu14
APPENDIX BPadang’s Menu16
APPENDIX CSurvey Questions 18

A restaurant’s menu should reflect the restaurant’s mission and vision. For example, if the mission and vision of a restaurant is to encourage healthy eating, the menu design and the dishes offered should reflect this objective clearly.

This report seeks to review the menus of two restaurants situated in the city. We have done a SWOT analysis to identify the key factors that the restaurant could review to increase profitability for the restaurants.

We also did a survey in which we asked 32 respondents on their views of the menus of both restaurants. The outcome of the survey is expressed as a graphical form.

Based on the survey findings and our own research, we have identified the critical success factors and offer our recommendations to both restaurants to re-engineer their menus to create profitability.

The purpose of this report is to identify two established restaurants serving similar clientele, review and critically analyze their menus, identify specific key areas of the menu that could be enhanced and offer recommendations for menu improvements. The restaurants selected for the study are “Charcoal” and “The Padang.”

2.1Restaurant Background
Charcoal is the training restaurant for Shatec Institutes which is a training institute for hospitality studies. Situated in the prime central business district, Charcoal is staffed by students and their tutors of Shatec Institutes. The restaurant serves lunch and dinner. About 80 percent of the customers are regulars who work in offices within the vicinity.

The Padang is one of the many food and beverage outlets located at the Singapore Cricket Club which is a premier sports and social club. Situated just outside the central business district, it also caters to the office workers during the lunch hours and families for dinners. The busy periods are on weekends when the club members and their families come for social activities and lunch.

2.2 Justification of Our Choice
Both of us have worked in Charcoal and one of us had worked at The Padang as interns during our student days with Shatec Institutes. Thus, it was relatively easy for us to request for and obtain the menus from both restaurants for our project.


3.1 What Makes an Effective Restaurant Menu?
An effective menu should communicate the restaurant’s offerings in an easy to understand and delectable manner, which will entice the customer to experience the meals, and perhaps even recommend the restaurant to their family and friends.

The structure of a good menu would be sequential starting from the appetizers, salads, soups, then the main course and finally the desserts. Besides the name of the dish, it should give a brief description of the main ingredients in the dish and the cooking method used.

3.2SWOT Analysis on Charcoal Restaurant’s Menu
With the above pointers in...
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