Topics: Mentos, Carbon dioxide, Diet Coke and Mentos eruption Pages: 2 (519 words) Published: November 30, 2010
Experimental Question:
What will happen if you dropped a mentos candy in a bottle of diet coke? Why do you think so? Abstract:
Placing a mentos candy in a bottle of diet coke will cause bubbles to react. Bubbles are formed and it pushes the liquid up and out of the bottle causing an eruption. I became interested in this topic because my friend helped me choose this topic. Background Research:

Sodas have a lot of carbon dioxide (CO2)
Mentos candy has thousands of tiny little holes even though we cannot see them. The tiny little holes allow the carbon dioxide gas to create more and more bubbles. It will create so many bubbles that the bottle erupts with foams of liquid. Hypothesis:

I predict if you drop a mentos in the diet coke, bubbles will form and push the liquid up and out of the bottle because I believe that mentos and diet coke will cause a reaction. Materials:
* 1 Roll of mentos mint candies
* Paper and tape to make a paper tube
* Index card
* 2 liters of bottled diet or regular soda
1.  Make a paper-tube using paper and tube.
2. Place your mentos candies inside a paper-tube.
3.  Place the index card over the paper tube on the top end, and flip it over. 4.  Open a liter of soda by removing the cap and shake the bottle a little. 5. Place the rolled candies from the paper tube over the bottle opening. 6. Remove the index card so that the candies will fall into the bottle. 7.  Stand back and watch.

Results and Observations:
Bubbles began to form in the bottle
Foams of liquid rush out of the bottle in a matter of seconds

It went twice as high as my height
Only 30% of the soda was left in the bottle

Mentos candies are still in the bottle

So, my experiment question was “What will happen if you dropped a mentos candy in a bottle of diet coke?” After doing the experiment, I concluded that my hypothesis is correct because a reaction did occur by dropping a mentos candy in a bottle of diet...
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