Mentorship: Assessment and Student

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  • Published : November 27, 2011
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Preparation for mentorship portfolio of learning.

Within this assignment I aim to demonstrate achievement of the five identified learning area and the ensuing ability to use these to act as an effective mentor and role model for nursing students within my clinical area. In order for me to show my capability in applying the theories to practice I am going to use the Gibb cycle of reflection as stated in beginning reflective practice (jasper 2003), I feel that this will help me further understand and enhance my knowledge and theory behind the clinical practice I currently undertake and how to keep improving this with each new student nurse I come to work with in the future.

The concept of mentorship dates back to the Greek mythology when mentor, a friend of Odysseus was asked by the king to guide and advise his son while away fighting in the Trojan war (Carroll 2004). Within nursing there was research conducted by Lorentzon and Brown (2003) showing that Florence Nightingale may have been one of the first nursing mentors known with Florence having a mentor styled relationship with a fellow nurse Rachel Williams who was working at the time in St Mary’s hospital in Paddington. I feel that it is important to know where mentorship started with in the nursing profession so that we can see how the nature of mentorship and nursing have progressed and will continue to progress for years to come.

Assist students in practice to identify their current learning needs Upon my students arrival I used my interpersonal skills to introduce myself to him and explain that I would be his mentor for the next 10 weeks. Due to working in a community setting there are always people coming in and out of the office, so until I was able to get a quite room for us to sit down in, I showed him around the building going through the safety regulations that he would need to know should anything happen ie: fire alarm, attack alarm, I also gave him a student orientation pack with all this information within it, along with all the contact information for the team and for myself. Once we were finally able to get a quiet room we sat down on an informal basis to talk and discussed the placement in more detail. Levitt-Jones et-al (2009) wrote how students judged the receptiveness of the nursing staff by the welcome that they received on the 1st day o the placement.

My student was a third year degree student who had just come from doing a placement on a Psychiatric intensive care unit (PICU), he told me that he has never undertaken any community placements before and thus is unsure about what tasks are undertaken by a community based mental health service. I spent time discussing the working philosophy of care that is undertaken within a community mental health service to the student. The student showed enthusiasm about working within the team and showed good overall knowledge of mental health care.

I used the first meeting with the student as an informal meeting to sit and look through the university documentation that he had brought with him for this placement; he also had the documentation from his last placement for me to look at. I asked him what he wished to get from this placement, and the things that were identified from his last mentor on the PICU. As the student had not had any experience of working within a community setting before he was did not know what he wanted to get from the placement, so I agreed to sit down with him on a more formal basis to complete his initial interview later in the week, which allowed him time to think about what he wanted to learn and also see a little of what our role is within the community. I also took a copy of the paperwork that needed completing as it was new to me so that I would have a greater understanding of it before I had to complete this.

When I met with the student a few days later to complete the paperwork, he had been able to identify two specific areas that he felt that he...
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