Mentors: Teacher and Mentor

Topics: Teacher, Education, School Pages: 2 (480 words) Published: April 14, 2013
Mentors can have a significant amount of influence on many students. They are seen as individuals who aim to impact one’s life, well at least for the most part. The impact a mentor has on an individual can include, teaching one perseverance and determination for a better feature. With simple advice, a mentor can motivate one to keep moving forward. When I was an elementary student, fifth grade to be exact, I was in a program called “Best Friends” the goal was to have a mentor and a mentee, all of my peers and myself could pick any individual from the school that was willing to cooperate with the program. I choose my principle because she was very kind, and willing. In the program we did various activities, but for about a week I was not participating, and my concerned mentor asked me, why that was so? I explained to her my older brother has a tooth infection and needs surgery immediately, eager to help me feel better my mentor said to me “ Birkti, don’t worry I’m pretty sure, he’ll be okay, just pray and come see me whenever you wanted comfort.” Those are simple words anyone could have said, but she helped me realize through gloomy days, theirs better days waiting. This speech of guidance motivated me to persevere thorough that troublesome time. I had a meaningful experience with my Sunday school teacher, whom I saw as my mentor. Since the age of seven I’ve been attending the same church, I can say I’ve grew up at the church. As I got older though I started forgetting about going to church, started forgetting about my faith, which was not acceptable. When my teacher (mentor) saw that I was not heading in the right direction, he set up a time to meet with me, he explained to me “Birkti missing church because you got home late Saturday night is not okay” he suggested I start doing liturgy and really start opening my eyes to the horizon, and not be so wrapped up in temporary fun. Our meeting struck me right at the heart, because I did not...
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