Mentoring in Workplace

Topics: Management, Youth mentoring, Alternative education Pages: 13 (3213 words) Published: April 5, 2011
1.0 Introduction

1.1 Aim/purpose

The aim of this report is to convey and clarify the findings of “why we agree that mentoring is one of the possible ways to enhance the development and retention of young professionals that are important to the growth and success of any organization”.

In this report, a comprehensive research of mentoring will be highlighted and analyzed. The main discussion will be focused on the functions, benefits, stages and challenges of mentoring, limitation associated with mentoring and also a few recommendations that the society can use to inform its members of the proposed benefits of mentoring in retaining young professional staffs.

1.2 Scope

This report is done based on various readings done from academic journal and articles. There was no specific research done on any real life organization and no data was obtained. It’s purely based on other scoreless and researches that has been done in the past years.

1.3 Methodology

This report will be analyzed and discussed using relevant academic journals and articles as precise informative sources and for research purposes. Apart from journals and articles, facts are used to further support and enhance the relevance and accuracy of the research and analysis.

1.4 Assumptions/Limitations

1.4.1 Limited resources

Seeing that this report is research-based, the information as well as the sources like articles and journals is hard to obtain. This is because some of the sources are of private and confidential information to the company. Besides that, numbers of relevant findings are licensed. Sources are also limited due to the fact that there are not many findings and discussion found on mentoring in an organization.

1.4.2 Biased outcomes

The results obtained from this report may be biased due to the fact that the research is conducted based on personal experience and knowledge, apart from journals and articles.

1.5 Plan

This report consists of several main sections. Firstly section 1.0 gives a brief introduction on this topic and also the purpose of this report. Secondly section 2.0, in this section it clearly states the functions of mentoring. In section 3.0 the benefits of mentoring will be explained and in section 4.0 the stages and challenges of mentoring will be clarify. In section 5.0 the limitations associated with mentoring will be analyzed and discussed.

Finally, there will also be a brief conclusion in section 6.0 and also section 7.0 outlines recommendations that the society can use to inform its members of the proposed benefits of mentoring in retaining young professional staffs.

1.6 Background

Mentoring is a process that are supported and encouraged by organisations (Klasen & Clutterbuck, 2001). It is a mutual beneficial way of developing people by coaching, counseling, sponsorship and apprenticeship (Conway, 1995). Mentoring is also a process in which a person is responsible for overseeing the career and development of another person and it helps a person achieve his/her goals. It is a protected relationship in which experimentation and learning can occur and potential skills can be developed (Collin, 1998).

1.6.1 Mentoring Relationship

The value of mentoring has been appreciated among organisations today. Despite skepticism that claims that mentoring relationship is where people just ‘clicks’ or it’s a ‘chemical thing’, mentoring is a valuable tool of management and orgnisation development (Conway, 1995). There are two ways of mentoring. One is known as informal mentoring and the other is known as formal/structured mentoring (Allen & Eby, 2010).

1.6.2 Informal Mentoring

Informal mentoring occurs when an older or senior person in an organisaton shares knowledge or secrets of his/her success. This is to help others to be in the right path and to pass on accumulated wisdom which can relive a person’s career vicariously (Klasen &...
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