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Human Resources Management

Case Study on
Mentoring at Coca-Cola Food

Mentoring is one of those programs adopted by the companies to assist the employees in developing their leadership capabilities. “Mentoring is an attempt to transfer experience and expertise from experienced individuals in an organization to the less experienced” (Gregson, 1993, p. 19). Most of the cases it has been used for fast catching the work environment by the employees. Gregson (1993, p. 19) elaborate the process indicating that by this activity senior manager overseas the activity and performance of a more junior colleague who is allocated for fast development.

According to Scandura, Tejeda, Werther, & Lankau (1996, p. 50), in the mentoring process, mentors speedup nurturing environments wherein protégés may grow faster and more professional than their peers and are therefore better prepared to compete in the organization and as leaders. This gives a clear indication that the process is ought to give strength of the company by having a valuable human capital.

In 2011, Coca-cola becomes the number one world’s most valuable brand by Interbrand’s analysis (Interbrand, 2011). It is not only because of their product offering to the mass people but also their renowned corporate practice. Human resources plays a vital role in Coca-cola’s strategic decision implementation. Similar to other big industry leaders, Coca-Cola also have mentoring program in their management practice. So, as a world’s number one valuable brand it is interesting to see, how they are working on this program

Coca-Cola Company in brief
With a mission to strive for refresh the world, inspire moments of optimism and happiness, create value and make a difference (Mission Statement by Coca-Cola Global), Coca-Cola started its non-alcoholic beverage product offerings on 1886 in Atlanta, USA. Since than Coca-cola is one of the most renowned company in the world, leading the soft drink sales. Coca-Cola produces and distributes a number of brands in the United States and internationally. The company also produces and markets many fruit juices and other non-soda beverages. The Coca-Cola Company is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Coca-Cola’s soft drinks include its flagship product Coca-Cola which is popularly known as Coke, Diet Coke, Tab, Sprite, Fanta, Fresca, Mello Yello, and Barq’s root beer. The company’s non-soda beverages include Minute Maid fruit juices, PowerAde sports drinks, and Nestea iced tea drinks (Muris, Scheffman & Spiller 1993). In 1986 The Coca-Cola Company consolidated all of its non-franchised U.S. bottling operations as Coca-Cola Enterprises, Inc. The new company began acquiring independent bottling companies, a venture that grew into the world’s largest bottler of soft drinks by 1988. While Coca-Cola Enterprises distributes over half of all Coca-Cola products in the United States, small franchise businesses continue to bottle, can, and distribute the company’s drinks worldwide. In 1987 the Coca-Cola Company was listed in the prestigious Dow Jones Industrial Averages index of stock market performance. Its stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. Coca-Cola and PepsiCo products occupied nine of the top ten spots in the U.S. soft drink market. Worldwide, Coca-Cola ranked first in soft drink sales, and the company earned almost 80 percent of its profits from international sales. The goal of the company is simple, yet effective. The goal is to produce growth for the company. It intends to not only reinvigorate the company but inspire the people working for them. Question 1

Discuss the differences between mentoring and coaching based on the information in the case.

Coaching and mentorship both are focusing on the development of human capital. Some companies use coaching as formal tool and mentorship as an informal tool. In Coca-cola, the management practice both of the technique as a...
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