Topics: Mentawai Islands, Mentawai people, Oil palm Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: December 6, 2012
Dylan Duffield
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Mentawai Island
The Mentawai island chain is located of the west coast of Indonesia. The Mentawai islands have “a population of about 68,000. “ (1 Nunns). There is only “two underfunded medical facilities to serve a population of about 68,000.” (1 Nunns). Surf Aid helps the Mentawai people ways to treat diseases such as malaria. Surf Aid also teaches them how to grow foods like corn. This will be good for the people but possibly bad for the ecosystem because the species on the island might not react well with the new coming plants. “Four endemic primates are found on the Mentawai Islands: the Mentawai gibbon (Hylobates klossii), Mentawai macaque (Macaca pagensis), Mentawai leaf-monkey (Presbytis potenziani), and snub-nosed monkey (Simias concolor).” (1 World Wild Life Fund). There are tons of species in the rain forest and if we cut down the rain forest in the Mentawais they will have no home. If the animals that live there now have no home they will become extinct and use and are children will never be able to see such beautiful creatures. “The most threatened ecosystems by expansion of oil palm plantations are rainforests and peatlands. Peatlands are swampy areas where the soils are made of peat — decomposed vegetation. Peat acts as a sponge, soaking up water and helping prevent floods. It also stores large amounts of carbon. ” (1 Why is palm oil bad for orangutans?). When the palm oil industry plant the trees it affects all organisms on the island because the palm trees grow like weeds on Tropical Island and the other species might not be used to them. Now that the palm trees are taking over the other trees have no were to grow so they die and the animals who depended on those trees die and so on. “Palm oil isn't going to go away, but consumer pressure on the industry will help force the industry to reduce its impact on the environment. Already some industry leaders are working to develop "sustainable palm oil" that...
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