Mentally Challenged

Topics: Thought, Martial arts, Mind Pages: 2 (712 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Jason D. Smith-Bergman
ENG 100
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Mr. Topping
Essay 2

Mentally Challenged

People are mentally challenged and are getting criticized for it. People look at the mentally challenged and say that their physically disabilities or mentally retarded and can’t do the work of the average person. The thought process is slower than the average person, which makes the thinking, reactions and learning a little harder. The challenges of doing things, where as other people wouldn’t have any problem of doing them. The challenges that they face are sports, construction, and martial arts. The day to day living is harder on a person that is mentally challenged also, like the living areas with in the home.

The mentally challenged people have a slower thinking process, but the reason they think slower is to think about it before doing. They might have problems thinking about what they are going to say. Sometimes the average person thinks faster and does it at a quicker response. When they have to move around or speak. The thinking can be exhausting at times for them. The reaction time is slower for them too; they can’t dodge as fast during dodge ball. But their reactions are as good as the person that is able move. Not all the challenged are completely slow. But the average person tries to accommodate them, but doesn’t always succeed at it. Learning is a big part and a key role for the mentally challenged people. Schools around the world have taken the initiative to accommodate for the mentally challenged. To provide more help by adding learning success centers with in the schools. So if they are doing math, English, history or cooking classes, they have extra help them learn. The challenges of doing sports, some of the mentally challenge can’t play all sports. But they do like to try them out. Not all could do the hurdles in track, but it does rely on their physical abilities. There are the mentally challenged Olympics which consist of shot putt,...
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