Mental Retardation

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What’s Eating Gilbert Grape is a story of a dysfunctional and father-less family which consists of five members who goes on living day to day trying to meet ends meet. One member of the household is Arnie, who is one of the main characters in this movie. Arnie is a seventeen year old boy who is shown to be having some sort of a mental retardation which is always causing trouble for Gilbert, the other main character. Aside from that, Arnie is anxiously waiting on the day of his birthday party his family is going to be throwing for his eighteenth birthday. This movie is directed towards Gilbert and how affected he is with Arnie’s disability, the daily struggles he goes through while caring for him and the constant stress he has to put up with, with his family.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
In a small town of Endora, the Grape family is introduced by Gilbert, the oldest male figure in the house, with having to care of the youngest child being seventeen years old with mental retardation. Stuggling to meet ends meet for his family, Gilbert is forced into labor as the oldeset male figure of the family, having to take care of his younger brother, Arnie and providing for the family. Arnie is an exceptional child that goes on living with smile on his face everyday oblivious to the outside world. Nothing ever gets in his way of obtaining happiness and obtaining a sense of freedom as he sets out blind to the fact how much hardship he puts Gilbert into living everyday with him. In this movie, Arnie seems to be afflicted by a mental retardation that has some developmental disabilities. He is seventeen years old about to turn eighteen and he still cannot even dress, let alone bathe himself. Although, no specific knowledge of this disability was given about Arnie’s condition, it should be assumed that the doctors did not expect him to live past the age of twelve hence the celebration of his eighteenth birthday. By observing Arnie’s behaviors throughout this...
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