Mental Process Paper

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  • Published : September 18, 2010
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Mental Process Paper
Taumaoe A. Gaoteote
OI/361 April 19, 2010
Patricia A. Lott

In order for any organization to be successful and stay successful, it will need to have creative leaders and employees. Creative leaders and employees are the ones who introduce positive change and make quantum leaps forward in creating new products and processes. So it is definitely important that an organization create an environment or climate in which it promotes and encourages creative intelligence. This paper will talk about the four styles of creative intelligence and analyze their influence on organizational decision making. The day to day operations of an organization is comprised of so many different moving parts depending on what kind of product or service it provides to the consumers. For the organization to operate smoothly, and keep up with demands as well as future endeavors or projects, it is constantly under analysis and observations to determine what works and what doesn’t work, what is the competition like and how will it counter and remain successful. With all the analysis, based on past performance and productivity, the organization has to plan for the future so that it stays successful or so that it will meet or exceed expectations in upcoming years. This is just one of the scenarios that an organization goes through. The organization makes decisions constantly, but prior to making those decisions, there are a lot of things to consider. This is where creative intelligence is extremely important, because it will have a huge influence on the decision making process. An organization has to tap into the creative intelligence of its personnel because that is where the creativity, innovation as well as other factors that will insure an organizations success.

There are four styles of creative intelligence; inspiration, intuition,...
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