Mental Illness Stigma in the Media

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Mental Illness Stigma in the Media
March 18, 2013

Mental Illness has become a larger issue in society today. There has been different stigma's that have been developed around mental illness. There are variety of things that impact mental illness stigma in society. Mental Illness has been increasingly known as a negative and scary thing in society. Movies, TV, articles and books often present people with mental illnesses as dangerous or unstable. This is very untrue though. People have been portrayed and discriminated wrong because they have a mental illness. This stigma that is lingering in society has not helped with people with mental illness. Media seems to have an impact on the depiction of negative stereos types given to mental illness. There seems to be a variety reasons, and lots of research showing that it has more of a negative appeal to it now a day's more than ever.

The way that mass media portrays mental illness has shown a negative turn to mental illness. Media is one thing that has a very strong impact in people's lives when they portray it to the public in the wrong idea. Media seems to contribute to the stigma through various way. Many mental health consumers, doctors, and practitioners seem to be aware of this. There many quotes such as, "Stigma tragically deprives people of their dignity and interferes with their full participation in society as well as function to their best without being looked down upon," (Wahl, pg. 2) that proves that media has had a negative effect on people who have mental illnesses whether they are big or small.

Movies play a strong part in making a negative stigma on mental illness. It sets the tone for the audience in a more theatrical way because it is to make money. Movies play a big part in showing a negative or eccentric side of a character with mental illness. There have been many movies over the years with characters like this. From new ones such as...
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