Mental Illness

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The society of the world often misunderstood the actual truth of mental illness and it has created mental illness as a stigma. The mental illness itself created a fear, by understanding mental illness we can profit a new understanding of mental illness and reduces the stigma out of it. Basically Mental illnesses are medical conditions that disrupt a person's thinking, feeling, mood, ability to relate to others and daily functioning. The goal of this research is to understand what the majority (from respondent) perspective on the mental illness, the aim is to teach the society of mental illness that will reduce the stigma. This type of research would be a descriptive qualitative, with the supporting element of a questionnaire. In this research we will be using the simple random sampling. The research would be very beneficial for all ages for the understanding on mental illness. By reading this research it would help opens people’s eyes on how they will see mental illness. Mental illness will be seen positively in by which will reduce the stigma out of the society. Hopefully this research would be beneficial to the society.

Keyword: Perspective and Stigma



1.1. Background Information

Question been has been asked around of what causes mental illness? There is varying of cases of what can causes mental illness, but it is becoming clear through research that many of these conditions are caused by a combination of biological, psychological, and environmental factors. A great depression, genetic, or even maybe by living in a particular environment is part of the causes of mental illness. Mental illness usually strike individuals in the prime of their lives, often during adolescence and young adulthood. All ages are susceptible, but the young and the old are especially vulnerable. Someone can experience a mental illness over many years. The type, intensity and duration of symptoms vary from person to person. Sometimes mental illness can come and go and do not always follow a regular pattern, making it difficult to predict the type of symptoms, even if treatment recommendations are followed. The symptoms of mental illness often are effectively controlled through medication and/or psychotherapy. For some cases, some people with mental illness will need no support, others may need only occasional support, and still others may require more substantial, ongoing support to maintain their productivity. Another question has been asked, how did mental illness create a stigma in the society? Personally, I believe that majority of the society hasn’t have any knowledge or basic information to this specific topic. Having no knowledge of it, it doesn’t create a positive awareness. So the majority will have their own definition of mental illness which is develop by the stigma, which also usually cause by misinformation. This misinformation created stigma. We now learn by misinforming the truth of mental illness can be a chain of stigma to the society. By understanding that knowledge can create awareness, the urge to dig inside the detail of mental illness will rise up between us, to promote the reduction of stigma in society and to see mental illness in a good positive way.

1.2. Statement of Problem
How to reduce stigma on mental illness?

1.3. Goal of Research Project

The goal of the research is basically to understand and learn the importance fact on mental illness. But personally, the goal of the research is to educate people and create awareness that will reduce the stigma. Other than that, the goal of the research is to investigate and evaluate in analytical form of the problem and condition on mental illness. 1.4 Benefit of Research

Not only it can help of reducing the stigma, it also can improve your knowledge in mental illness which very beneficial to the society of having an awareness. It hopes that this research will make people that read to...
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