Mental Illness

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Mental Illness Essay
November 19, 2012
November 26, 2012
Sane or Insane: Who’s to know?
Everyone once in their life has either thought as themselves or another as crazy. In today’s day and age people find it fun to be called crazy, that was not the case in the past. People in our past who were demined “Insane” were sent away, hidden from society’s eyes and subjected to cruelty and unnecessary torture. America’s health system has changed dramatically for the good and also it recent cases for the bad for some people.

Today healthcare is easy to come by but with so many faults it’s hard to know which ones are good and will do better by the person and their family’s health needs. There are many types of health care, that all offer different things. Have different coverage’s and pay for different things. Asking several different people what they think is wrong with America’s health care system Coming to a list of conclusions of our health system. When asked “How do you feel about the health care plan you have?” people generally answered its okay, better than none. A generally flat answers right? Well when asked “What do you think your plan can improve on?” they began to list things like pay for more test pay for more medication that’s needed and the most common answer was to allow them to pick their own doctors and not having to wait months for one appointment. As an eighteen year old college student there was no clue about healthcare and its faults and didn’t know it was so hard to get good healthcare. Also finding out that it may be hard now but it was not as nearly as hard as it was before in America.

Treating public illness has long been a process of trial and error guided by public attitudes and medical theory (Kimberly Leupo). This quote makes so much sense because as a society were so concerned about what people will think we just want to get rid of the problem, even if it’s your son with autism or a daughter with down syndrome etc. There has always been those who’s suffered from mental illness, as far back as the Egyptian or even the second millennium before Christ. They were often killed or locked away and that had little change in our history. In early America the colonist refereed to those with mental illness ass “lunatics” all because they believed a person was crazy when they were born on the night of a full moon or sleeping under the light of a full moon, who’s crazy here? They declared these people possessed by the devil (no exaggerating on their behalf), and were removed and locked away from society. These lunatics were put under 1 of 2 labels which were: Mania and Melancholy. Mania was mental illness marked by periods of great excitement, euphoria, delusions and overactivity. Melancholy was a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause. They believed to cure an individual they had to catalyze crisis or expel crisis from the indiviual. For this they had several procedures including: 1. Submerging patients in ice baths until they lost consciousness 2. Executing a massive shock to the brain

3. Induced and forced vomiting
4. The notorious “bleeding” practice, The bleeding practice entailed draining the bad blood from the individual, unfortunately this inhumane practice normally resulted in death or the need for lifelong care; at best the odds were one in three that this procedure would actually lead to an improvement in the patient’s health(Kimberly Leupo). The colonial era’s methods of handling the mentally ill and medical procedures are considered arguably barbaric vs. todays means of the treatment of the mentally ill. In that time it worked fine because they were hidden from society’s harsh and judgmental eyes.

Around the 19th century the Europeans showed us a new to treat the mentally ill called “Moral Management.” This was based on that the environment played a vital role in treatment of the mental ill. In this...
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