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I choose to upload this essay because it is my last quarter’s final project, and though it is not a happy topic, it is very important to students and faculty, especially the college administration faculty. Therefore, I choose to upload this one.

Comparison of Mental Health Problems between
Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students
Xinghang Lu
University of Denver

Last month, a girl who was only 20 committed suicide in my previous university in China. This girl used to live next to my dorm, and it was hard to believe such sad news happened around you. The reason why she committed suicide is that she had mental health problem. She had left school for one year because of mental health problem. How would such a young girl give up her life? What were the causes of her mental health problem? What were her treatments? How will the university treat students’ mental health problem since such a serious problem has happened? There are numerous questions around people’s heart. However, the primary questions are what mental health problems are and why they increase among college students. With the development of our society, many things have changed, so does the mental health problem on campus. In early 90s, mental health problem was related to the schoolwork or relationship with family issues, but today it is more about depression, anxiety, or other serious medical concerns (“Increasing mental health problems seen in students on college campuses,” 2012). In other words, the type of mental health problem has changed, and in past years, they were some simple reasons, which could be solved easily. However, nowadays, the reasons are often more complicated and related to medical concerns. Also, the amount of college students who have mental health problem has increased a lot. According to Gabriel (2011), a 2010 survey has showed that approximately a third of all college students who are not only those seeking counseling have reported that in the last 12 months they've been so depressed that it's difficult to function. In other words, numerous college students are suffering mental health problems in the United States. Mental health problems that are related to psychological disorders are hard to be cured. Not only do they need the medicine that can exactly control their emotions, but also they need the right counseling and get rid of negative mood. Usually, universities provide a counseling center to all the students, but in the universities the course of treatment and how counselors distinguish the treatment since there are both undergraduate students and graduate students are different. Approximately 16% of undergraduate and 13% of graduate students suffer from depression and anxiety according to a study (Wyatt & Oswalt, 1994). In other words, both undergraduate and graduate students are facing the problem of mental health. However, there are numerous reasons of having mental health problems, and the causes of undergraduate students and graduate students are a little different. Most undergraduate students have mental health problems because of the peer pressure, anxiety, depression, busy lifestyle, and other things that are related to campus life. However, the graduate students are often suffering from mental health problems because they struggle to find a job in the slow economy and begin to establish their careers but they are not ready (“Increasing mental health problems seen in students on college campuses,” 2012). In other words, the causes of mental health problems between undergraduate students and graduate students are different. The treatment should be different, but it is normally same among all the universities. They all have a health counseling center and provide counseling to all the students. Mental health problem is a serious problem to deal with on campus, and there are some different treatments among different universities. It is meaningful to investigate this serious problem on...
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