Mental Health Nursing

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NU 306 Mental Health Nursing
*Reflections: Clinical Experiences in Community - Gero
1. Describe characteristics of clients served by this program. The clients at Shoals Hospital in the geriatric psyc. Unit were obviously old. I think the youngest person was a 60 year old female. All had psychiatric disorders but the disorder that seemed to be most prevalent was Major Depressive Disorder. I also got to talk to the oldest living person with Huntington’s disease which was very cool. 2. Describe characteristics (i.e., education, experience, attitudes, etc.) and roles of professionals who provide care in this setting or program. The professionals that I seen working at Shoals Geriatric Psychiatric unit were mostly RNs and a couple of techs. I also seen a social worker and a physical therapists

The professionals that worked on the Gero-psych floor at Shoals were mostly RNs. The exercise and activities coordinators I talked to and worked with had the MSNs, and of course there were PhDs present and some girls working as techs with no college experience. The nurses provided care and assistance for the clients, the social workers provided care that involved the patients social well being, and the occupational therapists I seen worked with the clients to help improve their autonomy. All the professionals I worked with were very educated with and passionate in geriatric care.  

3. What services are provided by this program or setting (i.e., counseling, assistance with ADLs, health teaching, medication monitoring, etc.)?  
The nurses and professionals helped with the patients ADLs, counseled the patients and helped the Alzheimer’s patients by reminiscing, performed health teaching (mostly encouraging the patients to eat), and performed short to intermediate term treatments. The professionals worked to stabilize the patients psychiatric conditions, gave lots of medications, and performed a lot of health teaching with the patient’s family; I observed...
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