Mental Health Management

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1.!ntroduction. Before I start with my presentation, I would like to invite you all to enjoy a video clip. Video Clip (With this video clip I tried to bring before you a boy, who have been suffering from mental disorder or illness. But for your kind information, this boy was not by born mentally disable. In the next clip I would like to show you, the cause or contributing factor which led this boy to suffer from such illness. Video Clip. After viewing the 2nd clip, we can easily conclude that a criminal act have been committed in-front of that little boy, the shock of which could not be absorbed by his little brain and let him to suffer from such disorder. (Here I would like to add that the victim in the movie was the elder brother of that little boy). The intention of showing these clips are, to bring into your notice that not only the biological causes there are many social factors which are equally responsible for our mental illness -and that’s why I am standing this morning in-front of you to talk about -ie MENTAL HEAL TH (1sT Slide)

Air Officer Commanding, Ladies and gentlemen present, Assalamu Alaikum and a very Good Morning to all of you.

Before I go into the details of my presentation, let me first define what is health & what is mental health. (Slide)

2.Definition Health is defined as a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not merely the absence of diseases or infirmity. Therefore, a sound mind in a sound body has been recognized as a social ideal for many centuries. Keeping the definition of health, in mind, let us have a look onto the definition of mental health. In 1950, a world health org Expert committee on mental health reviewed the various definitions of mental health and observed Mental health, is influenced by both biological and social factors. As per that committee (Slide) it is the .capacity in an individual to form harmonious relations with others and to participate in, or contribute constructively to changes in his social and physical environment.

3. Aim Keeping the definition in mind the aim of my today's presentation is (Slide) to know the biological and social factors contributing to mental illness, so that we can guard against the social factors. ( Just to add a little to the aim, I will not go deep into the details of biological factors because that’s the matter of the professionals ie. Psychiatrist)

To achieve my aim, I would like to take this opportunity for next 40 min in a sequence shown in the screen. (Slide)

4. Sequence of Presentation

Historical Background of Psychiatry

Characteristics of a Mentally healthy person
Warning signals of poor mental health
Types of mental illness

Causes of mental ill health

Crucial points in the life cycle of human being
Prevention of mental illness
Mental health services

Psychiatric Treatment received by BAF Personnel

And at the end of my presentation I will definitely be here to answer your questions if you have any. (SLIDE)

5. HISTORICAL BACKGROUND OF PSYCHIATRY To talk on to the historical background of psychiatry, at the moment I remember the situation in our country. Still many people in our country while handling with such kind of patients believes that it’s the effect of --------.Before the psychiatry began any scientific advancement, it was the actual picture all over the world. For long the mentally ill were considered to be possessed by devils Patients were locked up in tall jail like building far removed from the centers of population, alienated from the rest of society. During the 20th Century, psychiatry began to make scientific advancement. The publications of Sigmond Freud led to new concepts in the treatment of the mentally ill. The 1930's and early 1940's saw the introduction of two empirical treatments -insulin coma therapy and electric shock treatment. Then came the...
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