Mental Health Community Development

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  • Published : June 5, 2006
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1.How effective has this approach to community work been overall?

The healing hands health rights campaign is an initiative by ANTaR which was launched in February 2004. The campaign itself is an effective way of promoting health as a fundamental human right issue, raising awareness of political will and promoting the need for a change in policy so that resources are allocated on the basis of indigenous health. The development of the campaign and the various tactics employed have enabled the issues of indigenous health rights to come to light as a serious matter amongst the general public, political parties, organisations, media etc. The campaign and the information kits readily available are a practical way of promoting the indigenous health issue to a wide variety of people. The development of this campaign has enabled the wider community to be educated about the health issues related to indigenous people so that more support can be registered in order for changes to be made on a national level and so that political parties will treat the issue as a matter of urgency which is one of its ultimate goals.

This approach to community work allows for immediate interaction and co operation from the general public through promotion and media coverage - .i.e. newspapers, news. This not only educates the public and makes them aware of the issue but enables people to show support. Support from over two hundred professionals and eminent indigenous figures have also been used to advantage. Through utilising the support of the general public and others the campaign will be steps closer in gaining support from the government and political parties so that the crisis is treated on a national and political level.

2.How effective has this model/ideology been in this campaign, project or activity?

The healing hands indigenous health rights campaign utilises the Social planning approach. By using this approach, the campaign is delivered at a national level yet...
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