Mental Health

Topics: Schizophrenia, Major depressive disorder, Anxiety Pages: 12 (3558 words) Published: January 1, 2013
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Department of applied social sciences

Mental Health & social work
APSS396 (seminar group 03)
Term paper

Question 2:
Case analysis of a client with mental illness. The process of intervention is described to work with this client.

Name: Yiu Yuk Lan
Student I.D: 10281913d
Submission Date: 16th November 2011
Seminar tutors: Miss. Rosetta Wong

When studying of mental health, it recalled my sorrow memory that last year, I was shocked by the Skype phone call from British, my eldest sister said that “I keep under surveillance in hospital because of violating Hong Kong law and all of her identity card collected by British government. So as to prevent Chasing, I has to pretend to be suffer from mental illness”, however, eventually, she discovered that Hong Kong government assigns those people in hospital. It is believed that people coming in going out or try to be friendly to her but in fact they were finding information about her crime. I felt anxious and confused. This experience really is a total nightmare for my family members and me. In fact, mental illness is not an awful evil, on the contrary, it is awful that people leave a threatening and disgusting stigma to psychotic patient without empathically understanding and sincerely examine their need behind. Threatening and disgusting stigma means due to public misunderstanding of psychotic patient, suggested that all psychotic patient is violent and will hurt other, lead to repel and ignore them without empathy.(Yip, kam shing,1991)

In the following, the case of J will be analyzed and the process of intervention is described to work with this client whereby explore the need and help with my eldest sister. The details are as follows

1.Basic information of case:
-Client name: J
-Sex: Female
-Age: 23
-Occupation: year 3 student of The Hong Kong
Institute of Education, major of English education (primary school)

2. Other background information of Client

2.1 Physical condition

J has fair health condition. She used to be an active member of secondary school volleyball Team and gain a lot of accomplishment in competition. However, at last two years, during participating in the exchange program in Sweden, she hurt her right knee and laceration of 十字靭帶, after the surgery, she still can’t entirely recover, at last, she give up playing volleyball. And in last year, due to undergoing the greater pressure in England, which stemmed from adaptation problem, the exchange program last year, under full of stress, she can’t finish assignment and insomnia almost three day and refuse to go to school, leave herself in host family, during this period, some symptom such as disorganized speech, delusions and alogia occur and eventually she was diagnosed a schizophrenia patient in York hospital. At last, her family members send J back to Hong Kong and after seeing doctor in Hong Kong psychotic clinic, J was diagnosed that she suffer from early schizophrenia and because of the effect of medicine, the decrease of serotonin, she suffered from depression after recovery of early schizophrenia.

2.2 Economic condition

J economically dependent, she apply the financial assistance schemes for post-secondary students (FASP) and do private primary tutor as a part time job to support her daily life. And the eldest daughter and second daughter economically support her mother and younger sister. Due to take care of j, mother give up her jobs and financial supported by other two sisters.

2.3Living condition
J lives with her mother and younger sister in public estate. J’s father suffered from manic episode and schizophrenia and stayed in castle park hospital around twenty years.

2.4 Family Tree
Genogram of J’s family
J has two elder sisters and one younger sister.
The relationship...
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