Mental Disorder and Understand Mental Health

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  • Published : May 9, 2013
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UNIT 12 (CMH302)

Understand Mental Health Problems




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Please answer all questions with as much detail as possible. This is a knowledge unit; you need to show that you have spent 14 hours researching and completing this workbook. When referring to research you have carried out, please include details (references) of the sources you have used such as websites, journal articles and books.

Activity 1

(1.1, 1.2)

a) Research the Psychiatric (DSM/ICD) classification system for the main types of mental ill health, and then describe the following: • Mood disorders
• Personality disorders
• Anxiety disorders
• Psychotic disorders
• Substance-related disorders
• Eating disorders
• Cognitive disorders
b) What are the key strengths and limitations of the psychiatric classification system?

Activity 2
Identify two alternative frameworks for understanding mental distress and write a short summary of each of them.

Activity 3
(1.4, 2.1)
a) Explain how mental ill health may be indicated through:
• An individual’s emotions,
• An individual’s thinking
• An individual’s behaviour
b) How can individuals with mental ill health experience discrimination due to misinformation, assumptions and stereotyping from others in the community?

Activity 4
(2.2, 2.3)
a) Explain how mental ill health may have an impact on the individual including: • Psychological and emotional state
• Practical and financial status
• Impact of using a service
• Social exclusion
• Positive impacts
b) Mental ill health can also impact on the individual’s family, social or work networks. Explore this, making reference to the five aspects mentioned in part (a).

Activity 5
What are the benefits of early intervention in promoting an...
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