Mental and Illness Stigma

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  • Published : November 16, 2012
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Step Outline
Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, but stigma and bias shame us all.

There are people standing­­­­­ shoulder to shoulder who all have different mental illness. There are all holding a whiteboard with the type of illness they have. People are walking past them looking at them as if they were freaks. A person comes with a eraser and erases the mental illness on the board. Other people come with erasers and erase the other people’s whiteboards. The people with the mental illness and the people with the erasers start walking together. A person in front of the crowd is holding up a whiteboard that says end the stigma.

Shot List

Shot 1: Close up of a person holding up a whiteboard.
Shot 2: Zoom out to show all people with whiteboards. (wide shot) Shot 3: Medium close up, the camera is filming past all of the whiteboards. Shot 4: Long shot of people walking past the people with mental illnesses. Shot 5: Close up of the peoples reaction to the mental illness. Shot 6: over the shoulder shot of one person walking to the whiteboard. Shot 7: close up of the person erasing the whiteboard.

Shot 8: wide shot of 7 people walking toward the whiteboard. Shot 9: long shot of people erasing the whiteboards.
Shot 10: wide shot of everyone getting together and walking. Shot 11: medium close up of person in front of the crowd with a whiteboard that says end the stigma.

voice over: stigma is a label that we put on people that we judge them by remove the label, remove the stigma
hotline 916-498-1000
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