Menswear: Formal Jackets Suit

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Menswear is an area of function which has seen innovative and contemporary design changes. Under menswear product categories, we have seen development of new areas and styling definitions.

Menswear can broadly be divided into

Work wear
Neck wear
Shoes & Accessories

➢ Outerwear
Outerwear usually consists of clothing worn over shirts, vests etc. They are over garments, i.e., to be worn over another garments.

Outerwear are usually jackets or coats which are worn either as protective clothing or as a fashion statement.

A jacket is a type of sleeved hip- or waist-length garment. It is a type of coat, and in some instances either term can be used for the same article. A jacket is generally shorter, ending just below the waist, and often lighter. Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing.

Jackets can be furthur classified into:-
Semi - Formal

Formal Jackets

• Suit Jacket

The man's suit of clothes is a set of garments which are crafted from the same cloth. The English word suit derives from the French suivre, "to follow", i.e. trousers and waistcoat follow the coat's cloth and colour.

There have been various styles of suit, the most common of which is the lounge suit, sometimes called a business suit, which originated in England as beachwear. The other type of suit still (rarely) worn today is the morning suit. The lounge suit is classified as "informal" in the hierarchy of dress codes. A business suit is a lounge suit suitable for wearing conducting business.

Its variants, such as two- and three- piece, or single- and double- breasted, are garments the design, cut, and cloth of which determine their social and work suitability. Generally, the man's suit is worn with a collared shirt, and necktie. Until around the 1960s, as with all men's clothes, a hat would have been also worn.

Originally, as with most clothes, a tailor crafted the...
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