Mens Grooming Product Industry

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The Metrosexual Market
Is this really a market segment or a term used to describe people of a specific genre? Well is could be both. But in terms of cosmetics and personal care, it is an important area that is seeing much activity in recent times. When talking about the Metrosexual Male as I will focus on here, we mean men who position themselves as high class and well to do such as famous athletes, media personalities, etc. These men pay very close attention to their appearance and image and that means wearing the latest fashions and buying and using the latest cosmetics and personal care products. If we consider this as a legitimate market segment, it is very much on a global scale - very prominent in large cities and well established markets such as in Europe and continually growing in smaller emerging markets such as in Latin America. MLS

For instance in Peru, a fairly large cosmetics market and fifth overall in size in all of Latin America, the major trend is towards personal image and metrosexual fashion. This trend is prominent in the mid- to upper-income groups but slowly spreading to smaller rural areas of the country. With the value of the men's personal care market of US$ 6 million and posting double digit growth, this is a very significant market. These trends have been observed not only in Lima the capital city, but also in lower-income non-coastal provinces, which represent 55% of national sales. Products are sold mainly through department store chains such as Ripley's in Lima. Prominent celebrities are being used to promote the metrosexual market such as Tiger Woods shown here playing his sport of golf and meeting another metrosexual, Barack Obama. Barack-Obama

Any market that sees high percent growth in the male cosmetics market shows that move towards metrosexual thinking. This is true for countries like Brazil, the largest market in Latin America as well as Venezuela, one of the smaller markets in Latin America. In Europe, metrosexual purchasing habits are prominent in well established markets such as France, Italy and the United Kingdom. But they are also being seen in other smaller emerging markets such as Latvia and Lithuania. For many major multinational companies such as P&G, Colgate and Unilever, these are relatively untapped markets with great potential because the population is large, the economies are growing and the people have more and more access to western ways of thinking. With more disposable income than these people have ever seen, the obvious trend is to move towards metrosexual thinking to stay on par with the rest of the world which they are reading about an a day to day basis. They want to look good and with that extra money, more and more of it goes towards cosmetics and personal care products which is a major growth factor in the country's economy and the cosmetics market in general

Trends – Men's Grooming Market
The cosmetics and personal care markets are changing constantly. So when I want to review the current trends, I do a quick Google search for the particular market I am interested in. I recently did a search in the men's treatment market. I got some surprising results. Since I didn't specify the specific area of the men's treatment market, which contained quite a number of regular gift items, what did come up time after time in terms of technical content was the following 7 items: Herbal Hair Loss Treatments

Erectile Disfunction Treatments
Rogaine Treatments for Hair Loss
Vitamin A Facial Treatments
Men's Skin Care Products
Spas for Men
Men's Anti-Aging Treatments

The next to last three items, surprisingly enough, were at the bottom of my search list but there are the topics I was looking for and wanted to talk about first. The last item was on the bottom of page 2. I stopped there as I felt that this was enough information to satisfy a quick search in this market category.

Vitamin A Facial Treatments

The label's description claims that the product...
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