Menopause a to Z, the Definitive Guide

Topics: Menopause, Estrogen, Menstrual cycle Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Menopause a to z, the definitive guide is a simple guide designed to offer comprehensive insight about menopause. Menopause can best be defined as the transition stage in a woman when certain hormonal changes in her system leads to stoppage of her menstrual period. Worsening of blood cholesterol levels and loss of bone density are common symptoms of menopause during its inception stages. Menopause in women can be classified according to the specific symptoms that become evident when a woman reaches this stage. These classifications are as follows;

1. Types of menopause
>premature menopause
This term is used to refer to menopause that occurs to a woman younger than 40 years of age. Most women experience menopause at the age bracket of 48-55 years. Early occurrence of menopause in women might be caused by smoking or lack of pregnancy. This type of menopause is rare and according to statistics only 1%of women experience it. It is recommended that one should seek medical attention immediately in the case of premature menopause

>Peri menopause
This is a transition period from the inception of menopause to the last menstrual period. It usually lasts for 3-5 years. Symptoms of Peri menopause include loss of bone density and menopausal symptoms. During this period, the woman experience menstruation simultaneously.

>surgical Menopause
This is menopause induced by removal of the ovaries from the reproductive track of a woman. The onset of it's menopausal symptoms are sudden and sever.
2. Causes of menopause
It is precisely caused by the decline of functional eggs within the ovaries due to the series of hormonal changes in a woman's body during this stage. This is as a result of the FSH or follicle - stimulating hormone responsible for the growth of eggs within the ovaries becoming less effective. This leads to reduction of estrogen and testosterone produced in the ovaries. The dramatic reduction in the production of these hormones leads to menopausal...
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