Mending Wall Robert Frost

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  • Published : March 27, 2011
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Essay: Discuss ways which work is made significant in ‘Mending wall’ and how it relates to ‘after apple picking’ (language, imagery, verse form).

In his poem ‘Mending wall’, Robert Frost presents the idea to us of the physical labour involved in repairing a wall, and the significance of this, showing the effect it can have between people. This literal idea also hides a double meaning, presented to us through poetic techniques such as metaphors, imagery, structure and humour. The wall is the paradox of the neighbour’s relationship. It keeps them together but also divides them at the same time.

The structure of ‘Mending Wall’ is a long one-stanza poem. It is written in blank verse and contains a narrative-like style, also having a natural speech like quality to it. This is a very different matter in ‘After Apple Picking’, also by Frost, as the form of the poem is bizarre because it weaves in and out of traditional structure. This wandering structure allows Frost to emphasize the sense of drifting from waking, into a dream- like state, just as the speaker does. Repetition is used as a technique to emphasize the main ideas, such as; ‘good fences make good neighbours’ this represents the idea of society, people can be good friends, but there will always be some kind of barrier between them, ‘walling in’ what they do not wish to share with others. However, the line ‘something there is that doesn’t love the wall’ is mentioned twice, with different meanings. It refers to the main speakers attitudes towards the wall. The speaker does not ‘love the wall’ and feels it unnecessary to repair it. Whereas the ‘something’ mentioned in the first line refers to nature. This technique contrasts with ‘After Apple Picking’ as there are not lines repeated to emphasize a thought, but themes instead. For example, a sense of having an incomplete life, with tasks unfulfilled ‘There’s a barrel I didn’t feel’, ultimately representing regret. Labour functions as a tool for...
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