Mendez vs C

Topics: United States, Racial segregation, Mexican American Pages: 1 (371 words) Published: April 28, 2013
3. The state of California and the Orange County school districts motives for separating the schools in school district for Mexican and Mexican-American for multiple reasons. These reasons were strictly because of hygiene problems, district boundary problems and non-fluent in English students. These reasons were told to the majority of the parents (who despised segregation that was going on amongst the school districts and wanted the same equal education for their children) by the various schools and school boards in California.

4. The word (race) could not be used in the case of Mendez. Mainly because Mexican- American ethnicity was white and using racial segregation as his argument would have not won the case. The author makes it clear that the word Race would not be in favor because racial segregation. 6. The parents decide to sue the various California school districts because of the segregation that was going on amongst their school districts of separating schools. In fact after many attempts at the school board, to confirm officially desegregation that’s when the Parents (Mendez) decide to sue. Note, that the school board and most of their colleague’s delayed during the parents meeting on the note of desegregating the schools and uniting them as one.

9. One important strategy used by David Marcus (lawyer) was by advising Méndez to make the case stronger by getting other school districts in Orange County that who were also being also segregated by the school districts. Another strategy, would be Marcus not attacking the orange county school district by saying they added a group to the law without authority. Race could not be used in the Méndez case because of the ethnicity of Mexican- American as white. So it was no racial segregation that was being held and felt that he would lose the case if he presented it to the Supreme Court.

10. The concepts of language, race and segregation all had different meaning to the trail. By using the word race...
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