Mendels Approach

Topics: Allele, Gregor Mendel, Genetics Pages: 2 (433 words) Published: September 25, 2009
Mendel’s approach to answering scientific questions differed from that of his contemporaries because he was able to study scientific questions so that he would not miss anything and could document the information for future beings that could benefit from his findings. He was also able to study scientifically by using the garden pea so he could give scientific answers to the questions about traits and hereditary. He was able to show scientifically that no offspring has the exact same traits as one parent because they are passed traits from generations before the offspring. Mendel also named what we call a gene today an allele

His novel approach contributed to his success in describing how traits are inherited by being the first to describe the factors of through the generations. There were at least three reasons for Mendel’s success, he focused on a few traits, seven to be exact instead of many traits as others did, he thoroughly documented and quantified all of his experimental results, and he studied these traits in the garden pea. He found that when two organisms breed they will pass their traits to their offspring and because there are two contributing factors the offspring will not have the exact same traits as one parent because the offspring has both parents traits and that of their parents. Mendel also discovered that parents can pass a dominant gene to their offspring which will show and be passed from generation.

The advantages that he enjoyed by choosing to study the garden pea is that he was able to study how traits are passed from each living organism to another without harming anyone. He was also able to mate the two plants to find out what the offspring would be like. He found that when organisms breed they pass down traits as a whole and usually unaltered to the offspring.

Describe three of his major concluding principles- Individuals carry two alleles for every gene. Hereditary characteristics are passed from parent to offspring as...
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