Mendel’s Law of Independence

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Mendel’s Law of Independence- this is where Mendel discovered that two people having the same organisms will have their own independent assortment of organisms. This discovery was made after he had experimented with plants that had differences in traits in multiple ways. Assuming the genetics is passed f to the offspring random and independently of each other. There was much random pairing of subsequent pairing. The other hypothesis that Mendel mentioned, in the text was the dominate allele. In this hypothesis he discovered how to determine heritable traits. In my own words he discovered that we can have offspring of different traits however if there is dominance in the genes they will rule the gene. The example for the laws of independence is if two genes were introduced they could provide genes that dominate. Like the puppies in the text, the dominating gene is the darker one so that one dominated the other genes. Tempest, Great response! I agree that Mendel’s hypothesis are like bingo balls with the variety of heritable traits that are transferred between the genes that we are made of! Just because the parent may have the gene yet it is not visible is the gene transferable? Some of the genes that my grandmother had I now have and everyone said that I would be another! This is possible of the units of genes that make us each our own individual! Do you feel that he was experimenting just because or was he instinctually trying to find the answer to heritable traits? Faisal, Great response! I agree that the discovery that Mandel made about the law of independence is very true! By experimenting with the plant seeds he discovered genes and the purpose of them. I understand that the pups born in the example will have the genetic makeup of the parents or their parents. Genes are genetic qualities passed down randomly, so do you think that an individual can produce an offspring of more distant relative?

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