Men with Eating Disorders

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  • Published : December 15, 2012
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Men and Eating Disorders

Studies have shown that it is uncommon for men to have eating disorders. Men with eating disorders are often overlooked by medical professionals due to the lack of research pertaining to the disease. Medical professionals see this as a women’s disease, so professionals look at the male with an eating disorder and think of other, more drastic problems. Eating disorders in general are a difficult disease to handle and men are not usually as willing to get help compared to women. It is important for medical professionals to remember that men and women both are afflicted by eating disorders and to not judge the person regardless of gender or sexual orientation. Eating disorders typically afflict women, but men are not immune. Older studies have shown that men make up 10% of all those who have an eating disorder, but Harvard released a study showing that it is now near 25%. The percentage of men with eating disorders sky-rockets to 40% when binge-eating was included in the numbers. Majority of the research conducted primarily have women participants but usually have about a 2:1 ratio of women to men. The Campbell Survey on Youth reports that 67% of males 10-14 state that controlling their weight is important to them. According to the survey, 53% of men and boys in high school and college wish to lose weight while only 26% of them actually described themselves as overweight. (Philpott, Sheppard, 28). Understanding this condition requires some knowledge. According to the National Public Radio article, Men With Eating Disorders Often Overlooked, “Females typically develop eating disorders from an obsession with thinness. In men, the Harvard Study says, it’s the pursuit of ripped stomach muscles, the so-called six-pack abs” (Conan). Men are less likely to get help and doctors paid no attention to the problem since eating disorders are considered a women’s condition to most people. In the Campbell Survey on Youth, many males who...
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